Join us the weekend of 4/24-25 to canvas neighborhoods!

Oakland Unified teachers want to canvas as many neighborhoods as possible to get the word out about the upcoming strike on April 29th. We will be pass out fliers in neighborhoods, public gatherings, and other events to let the community know what’s coming up.

If you are interested in joining us, please email:



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4 responses to “Join us the weekend of 4/24-25 to canvas neighborhoods!

  1. oakland teacher

    This is an emergency call for action!

    Wednesday, April 21st
    Gather at 5:00, rally at 5:30, Board Meeting at 6:00 pm
    OUSD Administration Building
    1025 2nd Avenue @ 10th St, Oakland, CA

    As you may know, the Oakland Education Association is going to STRIKE on April 29th. The Oakland Unified School District Board of Education refuses to negotiate in good faith, and will vote on imposition of their last, best, final offer on Weds. April 21 at 6pm.

    The district has refused to bargain with the Oakland Education Association after the release of the long-awaited fact-finding report. They are attempting to impose their contract on the teachers at this meeting. This is a call for support! Join Oakland teachers and community members to protest the board’s decision and to take necessary action to show resistance!

    Take a comment card, fill it out with your name, and during public comment, cede your time to the designated person (tba at the rally) to pool all the minutes together. We’ll vocalize our concerns together at this time. Our aims are to disrupt the board meeting, to escalate the struggle to defend public education, and to ultimately re-empower those who are most affected by the board’s policies.

    After public comment, show creative resistance!

    The agenda for the Board of Ed’s meeting has just been changed, and a resolution containing the terms of the imposition has just been posted. The agenda and the resolution are accessible at


  2. Carolyn

    The word is spelled “canvass.” Irony, anyone?

  3. Laura

    It’s good to see that the teachers are standing firm in their support of one another as well as the well-being of the students during such a critical time in education.

  4. Ann

    We’ll be with you on the picket line. I’ll call my neighbors.


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