OEA Strike postponed to Thursday 4/29

The Oakland Education Association has postponed the district wide strike until Thursday, April 29th. Picket lines will be held at all public schools during the morning hours, from 6am to 11 am, and 2pm until 4pm. From 12 to 2pm there will be a rally for all teachers, parents, students, and the community at Frank Ogawa Plaza in Oakland.

What can you do to help?

Call Superintendent Tony Smith at (510) 879-8200 to let him know you want a fair contract for Oakland teachers – maintain smaller class sizes, raise teacher salaries, and continue the adult education program!

More information coming.



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2 responses to “OEA Strike postponed to Thursday 4/29

  1. Thanks for starting this new website up. I hope that, among other advantages, this site will open up an avenue for an exchange of ideas and perspectives between teachers and other members of the community. We need that more than ever right now to help build a fight to defend and improve public education.

  2. mindy sanders

    I made my call to Smith’s office a few minutes ago and my boyfriend will do the same too today : )

    Let’s help the kids and teachers…..what could be more impt. than an education and a happy paid teacher/education work force ? : )

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